Overview of the Lower Middle Market and Private Capital Marketplace

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Overview of the Lowe​​r Middle Market and Private Capital Marketplace

Michael Nall, Founder, AM&AA

Idiosyncrasies of Lower Middle Market Deals from M&A Professionals

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Idiosyncrasies of Lower Middle Market Deals from M&A Professionals

Basil Peters – Strategic Exits​
Jeffrey Kadlic – Evolution Capital Partners​
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Marketplace Solutions for Value Growth

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Marketplace Solutions for Value Growth

Jim Simpson, CM&AA, Finance 500, Inc.

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M&A Technique: Customer and Vendor Due Diligence

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Learn how to perform due diligence, provide important intelligence to buyers in a timely fashion while maintaining transaction confidentiality.

Moderator: Chris Blees, BiggsKofford

Steve Ross, MCM Capital

Aldy Keene, Loyalty Research Center

Ken Koenemann, TBM Consulting Group

M&A 'Round-Up' Across the World: What Worked, What Didn't and What to Expect

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M&A ‘Round-Up’ Across the World: What Worked, What Didn’t and What to Expect

Moderated by Giovanni Amodeo, Global Editor-in-Chief of MergerMarket, with contributions by respected thought leaders from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the US, this panel uses the activities, experiences and data from 2012 deals to help set course for 2013.

AM&AA Generating a Better Deal: Nurturing a Company a Credible Acquisition - Spring 2013 AM&AA Symposium/Buyouts East Event
A panel discussion giving wealth insight from an operating perspective as a general partner and an LP perspective.
Panelists: Jay Jester, Audax Group
Brett Palmer, CM&AA, SBIA
Jeffrey Kadlic, Evolution Capital Partners
Moderator: Kenneth Marks, CM&AA, High Rock Partners
Idiosyncrasies of Lower Middle Market Deals

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Rob Slee and Chris Blees share true stories about Idiosyncrasies of Lower Middle Market Deals.

Spring 2013 AM&AA Symposium/Buyouts East Event

Investments from Abroad: Inbound Capital Sources

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Businesses worldwide invest in the United States to access the world’s largest, most innovative economy. With globally recognized educational institutions, growing industry clusters, first-class research and development centers, and access to global markets, the United States offers an unmatched opportunity for success. Hear from the experts who will share their experiences in doing cross border deals investing in US. Learn how to position yourself to attract these deals.
Moderator: Steve Olson, Select USA, U.S. Dept. of Commerce
Justine Mannering, Business Development Asia
Patricia Menendez-Cambo, Greenberg Traurig
Lorenzo Bacciardi, Bacciardi and Partners
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Making the Right Moves in 2013: A Business & Economic Forecast for the Middle Market

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U.S. Deputy Chief Economist at Standard & Poor’s, Beth Ann Bovino, provides a global economic update and an outlook on what may be coming our way in the future. In this position, Beth Ann develops S&P’s U.S. economic forecasts and authors the monthly U.S. Economic Forecast.

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No Man's Land

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Doug Tatum shares information on a time series database of virtually every company in the U.S. that he has created.

Spring 2013 AM&AA Symposium/Buyouts East Event

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The Handbook of Financing Growth: Strategies, Capital Structure, and M&A Transactions-2nd edition
Over the past two decades, access to capital for emerging growth and middle-market companies—firms with revenues ranging from zero to $500 million—has fluctuated based on broad stock market performance and the liquidity or tightness of the credit markets. Today, despite the current economic turbulence, there is arguably the greatest amount of capital ever focused on emerging growth and middle-market companies. But the hurdles to accessing this capital have never been higher.
The Second Edition of The Handbook of Financing Growth has been designed to help leaders and advisors in this field gain a firm solid understanding of the financing strategies, sources, and transactions that will allow them to excel in such an unpredictable environment.
Written by an experienced group of practitioners who operate within this dynamic market—and fully updated to reflect new market realities—this reliable resource outlines the full spectrum of funding alternatives currently available to emerging growth and middle-market companies and presents the practical strategies and techniques you need to be aware of when considering the capitalization, and growth or sale of your, or your client’s, company.
Kenneth H. Marks, Larry E. Robbins, Gonzalo Fernandez, John P. Funkhouser, D.L. Williams
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The $10 Trillion Opportunity

Exit planning is a hot topic! As the baby boomer generation begins to retire over 7.7 million business owners will need exit planning services. These businesses represent over $10 trillion in wealth. Yet, surprisingly, 75% of business owners say they do not know how they will be able to retire or exit from their businesses. As a result, this book is a “must read” for all professional advisors interested in helping to ensure the successful transition and management of this wealth.

Exit planning is a comprehensive and integrated approach that helps business owners address all of the personal, business, financial, legal, estate and tax issues involved in exiting a privately held business. Written specifically for attorneys, financial advisors, accountants, insurance professionals, and other trusted business advisors, this unique book teaches readers how to use exit planning to help exisitng clients and and bring highly qualified prospects to your door.

Now in its 2nd edition, The $10 Trillion Opportunity has been revised and updated to include an all new exit planning resource directory, a complete bibliography, and a detailed index. Written by two of the nation’s foremost experts on exit planning, this book belongs on every business advisors reading list.

Authors:  Richard E. Jackim, Peter G. Christman

Business Exit Planning: Options, Value Enhancement, and Transaction Management for Business Owners

The decision of whether to exit your business or not is never just a simple yes or no answer. Most business owners find the issue difficult to grapple with because it is not just one decision. Rather, in most cases, there are many interrelated decisions to be made. For example: How much money will you receive upon exit? What is the best timing for your exit, given the economic cycle of your country and industry? What kind of advisors will you need? And what will happen to your staff, clients, and business partners?

Business Exit Planning explains the two major phases of leaving a business: Business Exit Planning and Transaction Management (that is, what a business owner needs to know in managing the exit transaction). It will equip you, the business owner, with a full overview of what’s involved in exiting your business. The book provides a wealth of illustrative case studies covering the wide range of options available to owners of mid-sized businesses, including intergenerational transfer, merger, liquidation, and more, as well as options for owners who seek an immediate exit and options for those who prefer a staged exit over time.

Author: Les Nemethy

Private Capital Markets 2nd edition - Valuation, Capitalization, and Transfer of Private Business Interests

A theoretical and practical guide that enables readers to make sound investment and financing decisions. This book is a technical finance book that surveys the private capital markets-the major uncharted financial market. Representing nearly half of the U.S. gross national product, these markets are largely ignored, partially because of the difficulty obtaining information and because of the lack of a unified structure to approach them.

This book provides a structured framework that owner-managers and their professional advisors can use to effectively deal with the complicated issues of valuation and capital structure and transfer issues. Robert T. Slee, CBA, CPIM (Charlotte, NC), is President of Robertson Foley, an investment banking firm providing corporate finance service to private companies.

Midas Managers
How Every Business They Touch Turns to Gold – Learn the Secrect of Midas Manager’ Success
Reading this book: Empowers you and your private company to successfully compete in the global “world is flat” economy
Shows you how to implement a business model tht generates $2.5 million in sales and more than $500,000 in profits–per employee!
Helps you pass the Midas challenge: in the next three years you can more than double revenues, raise profits ten-fol, with half as many employees as you have today. Teaches you a strategy that turns $1 million into more than $100 million in less than 5 years
Enables you to achieve financial independece and to create a legacy for your kids and future generations.
Robert T. Slee, CBA, CPIM (Charlotte, NC), is President of Robertson Foley, an investment banking firm providing corporate finance service to private companies.
Middle Market M&A - Handbook for Investment Banking and Business Consulting

Handbook for Investment Banking and Business Consulting – Providing a holistic overview and guide to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and strategic transactions for middle market companies.

Overview of the Lower Middle Market
Overview of the Lower Middle Market – Rob Slee
Spring 2013 AM&AA Symposium/Buyouts East Event